Scuba Diving: Anilao, Dari Laut

About Dari Laut
Dari Laut was once a floating casino in the 1980s. The name originated from Dari (the owner of the casino) and Laut (out in the sea). It was a popular attraction back then until it caught on fire and sank to the ocean floor. Local boatmen believe that the casino was not getting enough revenue and the owners burned it down to get insurance. It is still a popular attraction today not as a casino, but as a dive site where the skeletal remains of the casino still exist. It is a great dive for novice divers due to the lack of current. This is where my dive instructor took me during my early diving years.

Picture not mine. CTTO.

What to expect?
The frame of the casino lies tilted in a slope with the upper end is around 13 meters while the lower end at 28 meters. After doing a back roll from your boat, you descend directly to the upper end at 13 meters and spend the rest of your dive exploring the wreck. Be mindful while exploring as you will not notice the downward slope. There is a 12 meter difference between each end of the wreck. You might easily go deep without noticing it (which I have done so a few times). Make sure you check your dive computer once in a while to monitor your depth and follow your dive plan.

I still remember my first dive at Dari Laut and the thrill I felt when I saw the wreck. I spent a lot of time finning in and out of the skeletal frame while observing wildlife that now lives there. A definite must see dive site when going to Anilao

Resident school of bat fish (I always see then when I dive here), pipe fish, trumpet fishes, and other reef fishes.

The resident bat fishes

Dive Site: Dari Laut
Location: Anilao, Batangas, Philippines
Dive Season: All year. Best time to visit is summer (March to May)
Minimum License Requirement: Open Water Diver
Difficulty: Easy. Recommended for new divers
Max Depth: 18-27 meters
Current: No to mild current
Dive Type: Wreck Dive
Visibility: 12-18 meters

Total dives: 3
Last visit: July 6, 2019
Bottom Time: 43 mins
Night Dive: No

Dive Operator: DiveNet Philippines
Instructors: Hernel & Joy Castillo

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